Celine Trifega Alika

"I'm excited being a student at Magenta, as the teachers and staff are incredibly professional and helpful. The learning materials are easy to understand. Let's join Magenta! 

Maria Theresia Kelly

"Belajar TOEFL bukan lagi hal yang sulit setelah saya belajar di Magenta dengan metode pengajaran yang mudah dipahami dan diselingi dengan interactive activies yang diberikan oleh gurunya, saya semakin bersemangat untuk belajar TOEFL. 


"It's been a wonderful experience for me to learn IELTS at Magenta. The staffs and tutor are very reliable and amiable.

Julia Angeline

"Thank you Fortrust for arranging my study in Melbourne, The IELTS prep was also very powerful & enjoyable. I recommend FORTRUST for your overseas study needs.

M. Dzaky

"The standard of service provided by Fortrust has exceeded my expectations. My study & career plan have been well set and I am departing to melbourne for my study and exciting adventure. Great services, great team, two thumbs up for Fortrust!

Tiffany Suryadi

"Fortrust helped me to improve my English and arrange my study in Singapore. They also helped me to find a place to stay, arrange my visa, and any more details. The staffs are really profesional and helpful to answer any questions related to my study. Thank you Fortrust.

Annisa Rahmadani

I finally met the IELTS score requirement for the enrollment in  Newcastle University, UK, because of the help from the Magenta Language Academy team. Not only that they provided free consultation and excellent services, they also gave me an endless support to achieve my goal in IELTS test. Five stars rating for Magenta!

Nur Amalyna

At first, IELTS was a barrier for me to pursue my master degre abroad. When I first did my IELTS test, I struggled a lot with my writing and reading skills, however, studying at magenta gave me much of knowledges and sone tricks how to improve my IELTS so, I was able to tackle my weakness. Thank you for all the advices, & for being awesome

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